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This is entry for the first ever Bolt Jam. Theme is:

Unique 2D Platformer game mechanic

This game prototype demonstrate game mechanics, unique for the sidescroller platformer.

Use of bolt - 100%

Other Unity assets - none.

Other Unity package - Text Mesh Pro and Cinemachine

Music by https://www.jukedeck.com


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Leap.zip 24 MB


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wow, really great graphics, nice backing track and it looks and sounds great. It took my a little while to get used to the controls, yes! I know but for me i would have like the mouse inverted so you stretch in front rather than behind.

The whole game play was slick and smooth though but I found I had a couple of problems which you can see in the video.

May I recommend trying to set a spawn point in the middle of the platform if you can do that as I think that would really help to progress through the game asI got total stuck to the side of the platform and couldn't progress.

So can I suggest you LEAP to it and get the BUGS fixed. *sorry for the bad puns*




Thank you for playing. That was last minute "fix" that introduced this "stick to wall" bug. I'll fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks MintArcade.


Hey Mint! Nice seeing you release a jam game again :)

I liked the style, music and cutesy approach to the whole thing. The menus and animations were really slick for a game-jam game too! Loved that.

Some friendly feedback:

- The frog gets stuck on the side of a platform a lot, which makes it hard to jump off and/or get to the next platform. (Maybe use another player collider?)

- The hole in the end is pretty hard to jump in, maybe make it so there's a zone in which you jump to get sucked in, like the last little house in mario levels.

Good job making this and doing more gamejams than me ;)

Hey Virtual Turtle,

I've never come across your name before and if you hadn't posted a hello to Mint then i'm not sure I would have ever come across your games. I'll have a look and a play shortly. (gota make a coffee first ;) )



Sounds good! Thank you :)

Hey hey! How are you doing. ;) I'm "famous" for releasing jam game with bugs :D I'll fix it by the end of jam. Hopefully.

haha alrighty! That's what jams are about tho, aren't they? I'm good, but super busy, not much time for the discord these days :C Participating in LD42 now tho, you too?