Social farmings + Shooting (Downloaded version highly recommended)

Very hard game (thinking is required).

You are bunny 🐰 farmer, who just inherited this farm from relative, who just pass away, you never heard about before, you know, usual plot… Anyway, farm in the mess, and you need to repair everything. You have other bunnies to help you, but they not too smart to protect crops against birds 🦆.


How to play:

Move with WASD⌨️. Mouse to look 🖱️, [1] to [5] inventory, LMB 🖱️ to use/fire. Grow crops 🥕🍎, protect 🔫 farm from everyone and anything. Don’t shoot other bunnies - they are “helping” you out. Sell your crops at the lorry-market 🚛. Upgrade farms and orchards to increase yield.


  • Q: How do I get water?
  • A: For now, water automatically replanishes when you sell carrots and apples
  • Q: Where do I sell my crops?
  • A: At lorry-market (behind the barn)
  • Q: I can’t shoot bunnies
  • A: At the moment, they are “helping” you by “trying” to keep birds away from your fields
  • Q: How to collect apples?
  • A: Wait for them to fall of the trees.
  • Q: Why birds eating my carrots and apples?
  • A: Because they are hungry :D

Small bug fixes:

  • Birds are not eating apples from the trees now.
  • Camera now less derpy
  • Apples not disappear randomly and adds correctly

Music from Jukedeck - create your own at


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it is a fun game to play. farming mix FPS to protect your investment. I think you need to fix what you said about the AI and I was stuck in the lake couldn't get out anymore. also How do you get water?


First of all thanks for playing. Yes, I run out of time for proper AI, I will add it later. You get water when you sell your crops (at lorry-market)